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Approaches to Needs Assessment in Children's Services

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Examining the assessment of need in children's services this book addresses the full spectrum of practice, policy and research developments in the field. The contributors include leading academics, policy makers and senior practitioners who generate a broad-based holistic approach to the assessment of children in need. They show how needs assessment in children's services can be used to tackle problems such as low achievement, mental ill-health and social exclusion at both individual and strategic levels.

Approaches to the Assessment of Need in Children's Services will enable service managers and practitioners to respond effectively to the increasing pressure to monitor outcomes and effectiveness in child care work, and to improve and coordinate children's welfare service provision at individual and community levels and provides an indispensable overview and analysis for anyone working or studying in child welfare and social care.
  • Published: Jan 15 2001
  • Pages: 352
  • 233 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9781853027802
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Press Reviews

  • Journal of Social Work

    In such a compendium it is inevitable that different readers will find some chapters more relevant than others, but practitioners and managers should be encouraged to read beyond their specific interests as each chapter throws up thought-provoking and challenging ideas with material enough to provide a perspective from which to view the sufficiency of their own, and of their agency's practice... This book should also find a ready audience in the PQ in Child Care programmes and in the teaching of the new BA in Social Work as not the least of its merits are the clarity of the writing, the helpful chapter summaries and the comprehensive nature of its references.
  • Child Abuse Review

    With its extensive and detailed frame of reference, this book is a timely addition to the demystification of the language and meaning of needs assessment in children services. I found the first section extremely simple and reader-friendly, but detailed enough to facilitate a grasp of its practical application and relevance to training and practice for social care professionals. The legal and historical background, along with the use of a number of frameworks across a variety of local authorities, is extremely helpful to those agencies, authorities and individuals who would like something to build on in relation to children's services planning.
  • Children & Society

    As a lecturer in Social Work, this is certainly a volume which I would encourage students and practitioners to read.
  • Child and Family Social Work

    This book is ambitious in its aspirations but succeeds in providing opportunities for those in the field of child welfare to consider carefully their practice, policies, procedures and future plans. This is an edited book with contributions from a wide range of practitioners and academics in the fields of child care and health... Approaches to Needs Assessment in Children's Services is an important contribution towards the development of integrated Children's Services, which envisage systems being in place in order to identify children in need, provide appropriate services and monitor outcomes. Practitioners will benefit from a broader view of the issues and this publication may well encourage them to become involved in policy developments. This is certainly a book worth recommending.
  • Community Practitioner

    A Lot of material in this book could be used to guide individual practice. This book has something for those who require deeper understanding of the assessment process in order to provide more effective services for children in need at community or individual levels'.
  • Community Care

    The book is divided logically into two parts. The first looks at the population of children and both identification and analysis of their needs as the basis for service planning in the community.
  • ChildRight

    This book addresses the full spectrum of practice, policy and research developments in the field of needs assessment in children's services. Contributors from various fields show how needs assessment can be used to tackle problems such as low achievement, mental ill-health and social exclusion... This book provides an essential overview for those working or studying in the field of child welfare and social care.