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Art Therapy and Social Action

Treating the World's Wounds
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Art Therapy and Social Action is an exciting exploration of how professionals can incorporate the techniques and approaches of art therapy in their work to address social problems. Examining the expanding role of art practitioner as social activist, leading art therapists and other professionals show how creative methods can be used effectively to resolve conflicts, manage aggression, heal trauma and build communities. The contributors provide examples of innovative programs on a range of topics, including those designed to address gun crime, homelessness, racism and experiences of terrorism, among others.

This timely book provides new techniques and successful models for art therapists, counselors and mental health practitioners working directly with the challenges of modern society.
  • Published: Sep 15 2006
  • Pages: 272
  • 232 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781843107989
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Press Reviews

  • PsycCritiques

    Art therapy is a powerful modality that can access imagery directly, thus mediating between conscious and unconscious, and between individual and community. In Art Therapy and Social Action, Frances Kaplan ably documents the new development of art therapy to include social and spiritual awareness by providing clear conceptual frameworks and examples of actual applications in the United Kingdom and the United States. For all those interested in psychotherapy, creativity, and social consciousness, this book will be very valuable.
  • Booknews

    Kaplan (art therapy, Marylhurst U.) compiles 14 essays that describe the use of art therapy to address social problems. Contributors, art therapists and artists from the US, Israel, and Canada describe applications and their experiences with programs using art therapy for homelessness, conflict resolution, anger management and aggression, gun violence, trauma, terrorism, and building community.
  • Journal of Social Work Practice

    It is to the credit of the contributors to this book that they have shown that art can not only act as medicine to aid recovery but also as social action to inspire change.
  • AT Newsbriefing

    Art Therapy and Social Action is a fascinating collection of essays.The emphasis of the book is to provide professionals such as social workers, counsellors, social activists, therapists and artists with theories and techniques to be more effective in their work while addressing social problems, such as homelessness, conflict resolution, trauma, racism, gun crime and terrorism... this excellent book should make a significant contribution to art therapy practice.
  • Therapy Today

    This exciting an innovative book explores how art therapy techniques can be incorporated by members of helping professionals into their work to deal with social ills. In this way, the practitioner also becomes the social activist.
  • Liesl Silverstone, Therapy Today

    This I believe, is the first book that expands the work of people in the caring professionals to embrace social action. It gives vast opportunities for healing, growth and development to client, practitioner and society. The book is essential reading; it belongs on the bookshelf of counsellors, art therapists, social activists and the like; it belongs on the reading list of courses dealing with human development. Another benefit of this splendid book is that it brings much evidence of the effectiveness of art therapy and other creative therapies.
  • Liesl Silverstone, Therapy Today

    I have searched in vain for a weakness in this book; it abounds with an enormous range of strengths, which were hard to encompass in this short piece.