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Art-Making with Refugees and Survivors

Creative and Transformative Responses to Trauma After Natural Disasters, War and Other Crises
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This book explores how creativity and the expressive arts can be therapeutic for refugees and survivors of natural disasters, poverty, war, pandemic and genocide.

Artists and therapists behind group art projects worldwide reveal how art enables people to come together, find their voices and learn how to narrate their stories after traumatic experiences. They offer insight into the challenges they encountered and explain the theory, curricula and practice of their approaches. The case studies reflect a wide range of projects, including work with survivors of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa, Syrian war refugees in Jordan and survivors of the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

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  • Published: Mar 21 2018
  • Pages: 336
  • 230 x 164mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922381
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Press Reviews

  • Shaun McNiff, author of 'Art Heals', 'Art as Medicine', 'Art-Based Research' and 'Imagination in Action'

    This global spectrum of artworks addressing public and environmental health confirms how art heals everywhere by transforming afflictions into affirmations of life, all amplified by creating in community. Sally Adnams Jones and her contributors show how every person and place makes unique and necessary contributions to the larger creation that holds us all--with art offering proof of these outcomes.
  • Debra Kalmanowitz, PhD, co-author of 'The Portable Studio: Art Therapy and Political Conflict' and 'Art Therapy and Political Violence: With Art, Without Illusion'

    A testament to the power of imagination, the creative process and the arts for individual, community and social healing. Sally Adnams Jones brings together examples of idiosyncratic approaches while at the same time presents a broad spectrum of common perspectives. This book introduces readers to the challenges and inspirations that are inherent in socially engaged work.