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Ask First, Monkey!

A Playful Introduction to Consent and Boundaries
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Meet Monkey. Tickletastic Monkey. He's the best tickler in the world, ever; even his mum says so. And there's nothing he loves more than tickling ALL his friends at playtime!

But what happens if some of his friends don't want to be tickled?

This picture book shows children aged 3-6 what consent is and why it's so important. With parent and teacher guidance included, it is an ideal resource to use in the classroom to help young children understand issues of consent and personal boundaries, and to teach them to consider the feelings of others.

The book can be used in a variety of contexts - as an entertaining story, or as part of a lesson with the included guide for parents and carers - and its fun pictures and humour are guaranteed to keep the attention of young children across multiple readings.

An ideal tool to encourage early understanding of consent, Ask First, Monkey! helps to empower children to respect themselves and others, and teach them that a reason for 'no' is never needed - it just needs to be respected.
  • Published: Jul 21 2020
  • Pages: 40
  • 246 x 244mm
  • ISBN: 9781787754102
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Press Reviews

  • Sanderijn van der Doef, Psychologist specialising in Sexuality Education

    I am a big fan of hugging, holding hands and having arms around me. But I hate tickling. I thought I was the only one in the world who hates tickling. But after reading this book, I know I am not and more, I know I can say 'no'. This book tells children the key principles of 'consent': ask first, you have the right to say 'no' and always respect other's 'no'. I am sure not only children will benefit from this book.
  • Michelle Diaz, SRE Consultant

    Ask First, Monkey is an ideal resource to use with young children to address issues of consent, understanding personal boundaries and considering the feelings of others. Addressing consent at this age empowers children to understand their right to say "no" to unwanted touching and to consider how their actions may impact on others. Foundations necessary to equip children with skills for later in life as their relationships change. This resource achieves this in an age-appropriate, entertaining way - an excellent resource for parents and teachers alike.
  • Joanna Nadin, author of 'Joe All Alone' and 'The Worst Class in the World' series

    A punchy, funny story but an important one too, as Monkey is stunned to discover that not everyone loves to be tickled. I nodded in agreement as Lion Cub, Goose, Frog and friends all protested, and smiled when Monkey realised that, in future, he needed to ask first. A clever fable about consent, couched in genuine humour.
  • Sophia Bennett, author of 'The Bigger Picture'

    This is such an important book for schools and families to share. Told with gentle humour, it will give children the tools to navigate their friendships and the confidence to say no. Juliet Clare Bell always writes with heart about subjects that really matter. I would press Ask First, Monkey into the hands of every reception class and mother and toddler group!