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Asperger Syndrome and Employment

What People with Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want
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The number of adults with Asperger Syndrome retaining full-time employment is extremely low in comparison to those who may be considered to have more limiting conditions and disabilities. This book identifies why this is the case by asking the individuals concerned what they find difficult about working.

Looking at expectations, motivations, working conditions and other factors, Sarah Hendrickx explores the reasons why work just doesn't work for many people with Asperger Syndrome and how to resolve these issues. Featuring personal stories from those with AS, the book highlights successful scenarios and provides suggestions for both employers and those in search of work on how to improve employment for the benefit of everyone.

Asperger Syndrome and Employment provides essential information for those making the decisions and acknowledges what people with AS really want from a job so they can make employment work for them.
  • Published: Nov 15 2008
  • Pages: 152
  • 231 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781843106777
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Press Reviews

  • Asperger United

    Another Hendrickx' excellently researched and compiled books, this one is full of first-hand experiences of people in the world od work.Not just people on the spectrum telling you what worked for them and what didn't work for them> their colleagues, bosses and mentors also tell their experiences of working with someone on the spectrum. This is useful because then you can see what the situation looked like from someone else's view.

    Where the book really excels in my opinion is when it discusses the training and support aspects of assisting those with AS in the workplace. Hendrickx has invaluable practical experience and affords advantages insight in many different areas.

    In this book, Sara Hendrickx has done an amazing job of educating not only potential employers but also potential Asperger employees on what they need to know to make this much needed relationship work. I highly recommend this book to parents, employers and individuals with Asperger Syndrome as a place to start in understanding the employment issues involved and supports needed, from a positive rather than negative perspective, before reading other, more detailed "how-to" books on this topic.
  • Speech and Language Therapy in Practice

    This easy to read book gives a very good insight into Asperger Syndrome. It is specifically related to working environment and investigates why unenployment is disproportionally high. The anecdotal examples are excellent and give a true picture of how varied people are. There is helpful advice for employers and employees, although many tell of working for many years without disclosing their Asperger Syndrome to their employer. I would recommend it to people who work with young people who will soon be out in the working world.