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Asperger Syndrome and Social Relationships

Adults Speak Out about Asperger Syndrome
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This book is essential reading to understand the social abilities of adults with Asperger's syndrome. The contributors each have different personalities and experiences, but together they provide a range of strategies to encourage people with Asperger's syndrome to achieve the social relationships they desire.'

- Professor Tony Attwood

Social interaction among neurotypical people is complex and in many ways illogical. To the person with Asperger Syndrome (AS) it is also woefully unintuitive. In this book, adults with AS discuss social relationships, offer advice and support for others with AS and provide necessary insights into AS perspectives for those working and interacting with them.

The contributors evaluate a range of social contexts and relationship aspects, including:

* online relationships - a worldwide social network based on non-verbal communication,

* the unwritten rules of neurotypical socialising,

* the need for mutual understanding between those with AS and neurotypicals,

* the effects of struggling socially on one's self-esteem and frame of mind, and

* the opportunities provided by social skills workshops or interest groups.

This is essential reading for adults with AS, their family and friends, as well as service providers and other professionals providing support for people with AS in adult life.
  • Published: Mar 15 2008
  • Pages: 176
  • 232 x 162mm
  • ISBN: 9781843106470
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Press Reviews

  • Good Autism Practice

    I would strongly recommend this series for: adults with AS, their family and friends, service providers, employment services, career advisors and companies employing or looking to employ individuals with AS and other professionals supporting people with AS in adult life.
  • Human Givens

    Sound advice for others with AS, as well as those involved with them socially, interpersonally or as employers or colleagues. Extremely readable and highly informative.

    this is an invaluable guide to the intricacies of relationships for those people who have got Aspergers - however, it also acts as great tool for those people who want to understand Aspergers. There has been so much written for children with Aspergers, that this book is a breath of fresh air as it looks at the impacts that Asprergers has on adults.