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Illustrated poems from an Aspie Life
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Wendy Lawson's well-known poetry reflects the many aspects of a life lived with Asperger's Syndrome. In this illustrated collection of poems and short prose pieces, including some from her childhood and teenage years, Wendy engages with her past and present, writing frankly about childhood, self-discovery, adulthood and friendship. Her poetry also conveys the day-to-day challenges presented by divorce, bereavement, emigration, disclosing homosexuality and Asperger's Syndrome.

Both reflective and life affirming, these poems offer evocative glimpses of the Asperger experience and will enrich readers' understanding of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Published: Jan 12 2006
  • Pages: 128
  • 213 x 178mm
  • ISBN: 9781843104186
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Press Reviews

  • Good Autism Practice

    In this collection Wendy Lawson has used the medium of poetry and short prose to express her emotions and responses to a variety of life experiences and challenges she has faced through her childhood, teenage and adult life. Through the simplicity and immediacy of her writing she is able to help the reader gain an insight and perhaps develop empathy with the perspective on life of an individual with Asperger's syndrome. Some of her poems are particularly moving and poignant while others are uplifting and full of joy. I particularly liked those that provided a fascinating insight into some of the ways that individuals with an ASD think and feel.I found this a delightful book that touches on a wide variety of life experiences and would anticipate that many others would also enjoy and benefit from reading and sharing.
  • The Spectrum

    This is the sixth book by Wendy, and showcases her considerable talents as a poet. Wendy's poetry reflects her personal life experiences from the Asperger perspective. Her poems are moving, insightful and at times quite distressing. As she says, "Life is like a poem; sometimes it rhymes and sometimes it does not."
  • Lapidus Quarterly

    Wendy has connected with herself through her poetry, and sharing her writing with a wider audience gives the reader a sense of who she is, and how she has come to truly accept herself with autism as part of the deal. And all of us have to come to terms with whatever the deal is that life brings to us.
  • British Institute of Learning Disabilities

    An author and poet who has Asperger syndrome, Wendy Lawson has experienced being treated as a woman with a learning disability, with mental health problems, and finally as someone who has an autistic spectrum disorder. As a result, she is able to give some insight into the worlds of people who experience these conditions. These poems offer glimpses of her emotional responses to her life experiences.
  • from the Introduction

    Life is like a poem; sometimes it rhymes and sometimes it does not.