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Attachment, Trauma, and Healing

Understanding and Treating Attachment Disorder in Children, Families and Adults
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Now in a fully updated and expanded edition, Levy and Orlans' classic text provides a comprehensive overview of attachment theory, how attachment issues manifest, and how they can be treated.

The book covers attachment-focused assessment and diagnosis, specialised training and education for caregivers, treatment for children and caregivers and early intervention and prevention programmes for high-risk families. The authors explain their unique models of 'corrective attachment therapy' and 'corrective attachment parenting', and provide practical guidance on goals and techniques for clinicians who work with maltreated and attachment disordered children and families. This second edition incorporates advances in the fields of child and family psychology that have occurred since the book first published in 1998, with substantial new sections on interpersonal neurobiology, adult and couple treatment, the application of positive psychology.

Clear, authoritative and skills-oriented, this is the essential guide to attachment for psychologists, social workers, clinicians, as well as foster and adoptive parents.
  • Published: Jun 21 2014
  • 247 x 184mm
  • ISBN: 9781849058889
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Press Reviews

  • Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D., Founder/Director of the Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio, co-author of Adopting the Hurt Child, Parenting the Hurt Child, and author of Parenting Adopted Adolescents

    This updated second edition of Attachment, Trauma, and Healing provides invaluable, specific information for both parents and professionals. Levy and Orlans methodically move through what early childhood maltreatment causes, assessment, treatment processes, and parenting strategies and interventions. This book will be useful for pre-adoptive families as well as for families who already have a child who has a trauma history. It will be, without question, an important resource for professionals who work with families who are helping their child heal, and professionals will also find the extensive bibliography helpful. If you are considering adopting, have adopted, or are a professional, this should become part of your library.
  • Sumiko Tanaka Hennessy, Ph.D., ACSW, Director, Crossroads for Social Work, LLC

    It is said that therapy is both a science (based on proven theories) and art (creative use of therapist's self). Dr. Levy and Mr. Orlans' newly revised book talks a great deal about underlying theories to their therapy, based on new brain research. Making these theories come alive, however, and using them effectively to treat those suffering families IS ART! This book provides numerous clinical examples of healing interventions with children, parents, adults and couples. It is written in a clear and practical way, and offers hope to all professionals and parents striving to help wounded individuals and families.
  • Kim Golding, Clinical Psychologist with Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

    Parenting children who have experienced early relationship trauma is especially challenging. It takes a resilient parent with an appropriate level of support to help the children feel secure, and emotionally connected. Only with this secure base in place can the children experience healing from their past experience. In this second edition of Attachment, Trauma and Healing Terry Levy and Michael Orlans have provided comprehensive guidance for all those supporting children with attachment difficulties. This is underpinned by up-to-date research and evidence. This book is a tour de force exploring theory, assessment and therapy for children, couples and the whole family where lives are touched by attachment difficulties stemming from early abuse, neglect and trauma.
  • Alison Smyth/Counsellor and clinical supervisor

    BACP Children & Young People
    The book (...) present the authors' model of Corrective Attachment Therapy and provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the theoretical and treatment issues and its methods and interventions... this book linked the theories of attachment and trauma beautifully... would be an essential read for any professional working within the trauma field. It should also be an essential read for counsellors, social workers or family intervention workers.