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Autism and Masking

How and Why People Do It, and the Impact It Can Have
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Autistic people often feel they have to present as neurotypical or perform neurotypical social behaviours in order to fit in. So-called 'masking' is a social survival strategy used by autistic people in situations where neurodiversity is not understood or welcomed. While this is a commonly observed phenomenon in the autistic community, the complexities of masking are still not widely understood.

This book combines the latest research with personal case studies detailing autistic experiences of masking. It explains what masking is and the various strategies used to mask in social situations. The research also delves into the psychology behind masking and the specifics of masking at school, at social events with peers, and at work. The book looks at the consequences of masking, including the toll it can have on mental and physical health, and suggests guidance for family, professionals, and employers to ameliorate negative effects.

With a diverse range of voices, including perspectives across gender, ethnicity and age, this is the comprehensive guide to masking and how to support autistic people who mask.
  • Published: Dec 21 2021
  • Pages: 272
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755796
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Judith Gould, Consultant Clinical Psychologist the NAS Lorna Wing Centre

    The understanding of masking has been in my thinking regarding the diagnosis of autism for many years. Sadly, clinicians continue to have a narrow view manifested in stereotyped ways. This book rectifies this misconception and addresses the different types of masking and its implications. The excellent combination of research, evidence and anecdotal quotes makes for fascinating reading. All ages are covered together with practical advice on masking in different social situations - crucial for all those working and supporting others on the autism spectrum.
  • Carly Jones MBE, autism advocate and author of Safeguarding Autistic Girls: Strategies for Professionals

    Autism and Masking is a book that should be on every Autism professional and Autistic person's bookshelf as standard. Masking is dangerously often seen as advantageous "you can act as normal!" but the consequences of suppressing an Autistic person's authenticity can be life threatening. Dr Felicity Sedgewick, Dr Laura Hull and Helen Ellis have created a bible of a masking book that demonstrates why and how masking occurs, how masking leaves Autistic people vulnerable and how to help. A much needed, well-written book that provides a friendly, supportive, and kind experience, demystifying a misunderstood subject for professionals and highlighting the damaging life experience for Autistic people.