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Autism and Solution-focused Practice

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To help clients with autism think differently about their future, practitioners need to think differently about autism...

Solution-focused practice is founded on a firm belief that the full potential of every human being can be realized. This concise, pragmatic guide explains how the practice can be effectively adapted to help clients on the autism spectrum find solutions to their problems, by addressing autism not as a disability but as a different way of thinking. The first section is a helpful introduction to how solution-focused practitioners can gain an understanding of autism by viewing it from a 'different culture' perspective; the second part offers handy rules and tips for applying knowledge respectfully and creating successful conversations with clients.

People with autism often feel let down by social support services. This forward-thinking book is a vital resource for helping clients feel welcome and empowered in helping settings and beyond.
  • Published: Jun 21 2017
  • Pages: 104
  • 228 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923289
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Press Reviews

  • Judith Milner, co-author of multiple books on solution-focused practice including Creative Ideas for Solution-Focused Practice

    Autism and Solution-focused Practice is simply, clearly and concisely written, explaining much that is a mystery to non-autistic people. The authors show us how autistic people think, how to phrase our questions, how to use visual communication methods, and much, much more. Their passion for work with autistic people will inspire professionals to take a solution-focused approach in their work with autism.
  • Dr. Fredrike Bannink, clinical psychologist and author of 1001 Solution-Focused Questions.

    This highly useful book belongs on the shelf of everyone who works with people with autism. It gives both practical and thought-provoking ideas for all practitioners, not just solution-focused ones. The authors are thorough, knowledgeable and accessible in their writing.
  • Dr. Ronald E. Warner, Clinical Psychologist and Founding Director of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy certificate program at the University of Toronto

    I highly recommend this book. Its major contribution is its clear illustration of the strategies and application of an alternative treatment approach to people with autism: in contrast to the classical "problem-focused, symptom-based" model, the authors illustrate a solution-focused, strength-based paradigm.
  • Dina Bednar, Co-Director of the Canadian Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Centre and international trainer in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

    A much needed basic primer on working with people with autism in a solution-focused way, full of good common sense strategies to engage this often misunderstood population.
  • Ioannis Voskopoulos, Psychologist, TNA Clinic

    Autism and Solution-focused Practice by Els Mattelin and Hannelore Volckaert provides a great and in depth insight about the use of this therapeutic tool in autism. It is a book which engages the reader to extend the content of therapy practices used in autism. It is very well presented and readable, with clear and practical examples. For me the highlight of the book is the importance of the positive language it uses, and the necessity of following your client's inner-directed needs. Another great addition to Jessica Kingsley Publishers catalogue.
  • Guy Shennan, independent consultant in solution focused practice and Chair of the British Association of Social Workers

    I love this book! Beautifully and clearly written, with not a wasted word, it is full of hope and respect for people with autism, for their resources and possibilities. If you work with people with autism, then I cannot think of a reason why you should not own this book.