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Awesome Games and Activities for Kids with Numeracy Difficulties

How to Feel Smart and In Control about Doing Mathematics with a Neurodiverse Brain
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Has maths ever made you feel anxious, confused or like you just don't get it?

This is an entertaining collection of mathematical games and curiosities for you to astound your family and friends with. You don't have to follow the chapters in a certain order - you can use this book however you would like, whether you want to get creative, play a game or impress your friends with a clever trick.

Designed to spark a child's enthusiasm for maths and make learning simple, this book will help children to grasp the fundamental concepts in maths through exploration and play. This book will appeal to all learning styles and abilities but is particularly relevant for those with specific learning difficulties such as dyscalculia. Building self-esteem and promoting a growth mindset, these activities will help readers to effortlessly develop their number skills, empowering even the least confident learner with a deeper understanding of maths.
  • Published: Feb 18 2021
  • Pages: 144
  • 214 x 136mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755635
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Brian Butterworth, author of Dyscalculia: From science to education.

    Judy has a genius for helping struggling learners enjoy numbers.
  • Dr. Steve Chinn, Visiting Professor, University of Derby

    This is a cleverly organised, clearly presented collection of games and activities which will help build an understanding of maths in learners. It's a great example of, 'If you ask the right questions, then children learn.'
  • Bobby Seagull, school maths teacher, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers and BBC presenter for the Monkman & Seagull Genius Guides

    Sweaty palms? Racing heart? A lump in the back of your throat? As a maths teacher, I know that maths anxiety can prevent people, young and old, from accessing this beautiful subject. Judy draws upon her vast and rich experience in education to create this book that all teachers and parents should have. This engaging, fun and playful book has gathered together a wonderful collection of maths activities and curiosities that will engage maths fans but equally importantly, inspire those that need a little encouragement too!