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Big Steps for Little People

Parenting Your Adopted Child
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This book is full of the techniques that we have used successfully over the years. Many we have adapted to suit their needs and many we have made up ourselves. What we have become particularly good at is not giving up!'

A mother of two adopted children, Celia Foster wrote Big Steps for Little People as a personal `insider's guide' to parenting adopted children.

Drawing on the hard-won wisdom gained in her own family life, the book offers a thoughtful account of life with adopted children and examines the issues that many adoptive families encounter, including the development of children with attachment problems and how to tackle behavioural difficulties. It combines real-life anecdotes with suggestions and strategies that other parents can put to use.

This book will be a great comfort and help to all adoptive families and offers insights for the professionals who work with them.
  • Published: Mar 15 2008
  • Pages: 216
  • 234 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781843106203
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Press Reviews

  • From the Foreword by David Howe, Dean of the School of Social Work and Psychosocial Sciences, University of East Anglia

    All those involved in the adoption of children, old hands and new, will be stimulated and encouraged by this infectious read.
  • From the Foreword by Daniel A. Hughes, clinical psychologist, consultant, trainer and author, Pennsylvania, USA

    This work is a treasure for foster and adoptive parents and for the professionals who work to assist them.
  • Adoption Today

    Personally, I feel that it is ideal for prospective adopters or adopters with young children and would be a good point of reference and an insight for social workers... She writes in a way that as a fellow adopter I could really relate to. She writes with refesing honesty and just when you think that this woman is too good to be true with all these charts and tools and good ideas that her children respond to, she admits that it is an uphill struggle and she has despaired at times. She also points out that although children can appear to be all right it is still wise to address their past as difficulties may arise at a later date. It is little things like this that appealed to me. This book really does have all bases covered. After the first read it is the type of book that you can go back to dip in again and again. Overall I would say this it is a good, easy and interesting read that meets all its aims and objectives.
  • Debate, Pamela Melville-Slade, Educational Psychologist, Devon Learning and Development Partnership

    Big Steps for Little People is a practical book that addresses the issues of parenting adopted children...This book is especially useful where professionals are working with parents. It is an excellent tool for educational psychologists and Children's Care specialist colleagues running support groups for adoptive parents.