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Bion and Group Psychotherapy

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This book is an unusual collection of papers about Bion, the man and his attitude to group psychotherapy... What makes fascinating reading is the historical development of Bion's work. The earlier chapters set the stage for understanding how (and possibly why) Bion developed his understanding of group dynamics and group psychotherapy and will make Bion more understandable to the uninitiated.'

- Stanley Schneider, International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

'Bion's approach has generated a great deal of intellectual ferment, and it is to the editor's credit that this volume contains a number of substantial challenges to this approach, rather than simply being a homage to him.'

- Harold S. Bernard, Contemporary Psychology

Wilfred Bion's synthesis of the approach of classical psychoanalysis based on the individual with that of group dynamics has been of enduring influence. The distinguished contributors to this volume, who have either been closely or personally associated with Bion, or stimulated to research by his ideas, examine his theories and demonstrate that a later generation is still actively working with the implications of Bion's writings.
  • Published: Aug 03 2000
  • Pages: 416
  • 235 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781853029240
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