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Can I Have Babies Too?

Sexuality and Relationships Education for Children from Infancy up to Age 11
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Drawing on extensive professional and personal experience, this book offers guidance and advice on how to better communicate with children about relationships and sexuality using everyday situations. An invaluable resource for teachers and parents, it provides you with the tools you need to feel confident and informed about how to talk about sexual education at all stages.

The book explores the challenges in adult-child communication about sexuality and provides helpful advice on how to establish an open dialogue. The guidance provided is developmentally appropriate, with chapters moving through different ages and development stages. Throughout, the book emphasizes the importance of positive sexuality education, empowering children to enjoy their relationships and sexuality in a safe and healthy way.
  • Published: Jul 21 2021
  • Pages: 224
  • 214 x 136mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755000
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Press Reviews

  • Prof Gunta Lazdane, ex-Regional Adviser Sexual and Reproductive Health, WHO/Europe

    This volume is an exciting guide for helping children to find health and happiness. Sexuality education is not an easy topic; however, the authors have managed to combine evidence, experience and fun. The study is a major contribution to understanding of children, adults and the world.
  • Laura King, primary school teacher and mum of three.

    It is really refreshing to read a book about relationships that deals with sexuality in such a frank, honest and helpful way. As well as explaining developmental expectations, it also gives ideas for answering those tricky questions that children always seem to ask when you least expect it!
  • Erica Esmail-Rath, MFT Psychotherapist practicing in San Francisco, California

    As a parent and psychotherapist, I found this book a refreshing, ease-inducing guide to educating children about their bodies, sex and beyond. Many can feel overwhelmed or ill equipped to speak to their children about these matters. This book offers hope and centralizes the parent- child bond as the conduit to give children a realistic and positive relationship with their bodies, senses and eventual sexuality. Highly recommend it.
  • Amanda Bealer, USA, Mother of Carson (age 8) and Chase (age 11)

    This book transformed my concept of parental responsibility for sex education from the conventional approach of a single, well-timed presentation (aka "The Talk") into an appreciation of sexuality as an aspect of child development to be interwoven into my day-to-day relationships with my children. I wish I had this book a decade ago when I began my motherhood journey. It would make an amazing baby shower gift for any parent-to-be.
  • Louise Speggiorin, Health Visitor, UK

    Well written, easy-to-read and very insightful. Gives an excellent overview of this important subject and practical, age-appropriate tips on how to educate children of all ages on sexuality and relationships. This will hopefully allow the next generation to grow up without the embarrassment, misconceptions and prejudices of generations before. The world has changed and it's time for education around this subject to change as well.
  • Leah Jewett, Outspoken Sex Ed director

    Can I Have Babies Too? takes us parents by the hand so we can become self-assured sex and relationships educators to our children. That's never straightforward - but this book is. With its clear and helpful Dutch approach, it schools us all in how and why to talk openly starting now...
  • Joanna Herat. UN Health & Education specialist. Parent.

    This book is a lifeline for any parent, carer or educator, packed with honest, practical advice for each stage of childhood. The authors draw on years of experience working with children, as well as research in health and psychology, to offer a positive vision for how to talk to children about bodies, relationships and sexuality.
  • Nick Reynolds, Father of a 9 year old boy

    I found the book insightful by wrapping the wider subject of sexuality education around the traditionally thorny topic of sex education. It helps and encourages children to understand themselves before attempting to understand others and their own personal interactions. Raises important topics with an interesting boldness, highlighting the probable need to start earlier than many parents, including myself, appreciated.
  • Johanna Marquardt, Project Officer for the WHO Colaboration Centre/BZgA for sexual and reproductive health

    This book provides a very sensitive, reflective way to enable parents and people around young children to talk about sexuality, offering tools and answering questions frequently considered taboo. It embodies the idea of holistic sexuality and empowerment, and implements an age-appropriate approach to comprehensive sexuality education.
  • Bonnie J. Rough, author of 'Beyond Birds and Bees: Bringing Home a New Message to Our Kids about Sex, Love, and Equality'

    I dream of a world in which every child can be taught about relationships and sexuality in the caring, honest, dignified, non-judgmental, and truly child-centered manner this book models for parents and teachers. The authors' approach is patient and generous, and their message, while it may still seem revolutionary in countries such as the United States, is sensible, practical, and proven: young people of all ages have the right to comprehensive knowledge about bodies, friendship, and love. When this right is respected, children are empowered to make lifelong good choices allowing them to enjoy, respect, and safeguard their hearts, minds, and bodies-as well as those belonging to others. This small book has the power to transform the next generation of children and to empower parents and educators to give young people the self-esteem, confidence, respect, and empathy it takes to build healthy, equal, and fulfilling relationships. I will be emphatically recommending this book to all of the parents and educators I work with. In abundant sample scripts, this book models how it sounds to impart true autonomy even to very young children. Importantly, too, the authors present a broad range of normal childhood "sexual" behaviors, delivering the much-needed message that we need not get so bent out of shape about the sometimes eyebrow-raising ways in which children learn and play.