Can I Tell You About Friendship?

A Helpful Introduction for Everyone

Meet Rhidi. Rhidi has friends, but would worry about friendships and being good at making friends. Sometimes he would get so worried that he couldn't sleep or want to leave his house!

Rhidi asks his classmates what they think friendship means and discovers so many different ideas! What does friendship really mean? How does one make friends? How can you be a good friend, and what can you do when things go wrong?

The ideal conversation starter for children aged 7+, this illustrated guide helps children to understand what friendship is, as well the misunderstandings surrounding it.
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Press reviews for: Can I Tell You About Friendship?

Mick Waters, Professor of Education

Bridget has written a book that travels around the complex world of friendship and illusrates the ways in which we can influence or be influnced by others, the ways we can make a bigger difference and the ways we can become more fulfilled through the things we do and the actions we take. It is a beautifully witten book for meant for children that will resonate with adults.

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