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Child Protection Work

Beyond the Rhetoric
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Based on a qualitative study of child protection practices this book takes a detailed look at what professionals actually 'do', contrasting the relatively straightforward process illustrated in procedural guidance with the uncertainty of the 'real world' of child protection work. Having observed case discussions and child protection conferences and interviewed professionals involved in child protection work, Helen Buckley sets out to clarify the factors that influence decision making in this field.

Exploring the practice frameworks and sense-making techniques employed by child care professionals she demonstrates the importance of the cultural, political and organisational context in which the work is carried out. The processing of reported child protection concerns is followed from the earliest stages of identification to assessment, conferencing and long-term monitoring. In addition, data from interviews with parents who have been involved in child protection investigations provides a vitally important perspective for professionals.

Emphasising that practice is a dynamic process requiring constant reflection and review, this book looks beyond procedural guidelines to help professionals, academics and policy makers involved with child assessment and protection to gain a deeper understanding of their work.
  • Published: Jan 15 2003
  • Pages: 224
  • 235 x 159mm
  • ISBN: 9781843100751
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Press Reviews

  • Journal of Social Work

    Buckley's argument is convincingly and cleverly made. It is the sort of analysis that, had it been available at the time, would have shed more light on why child protection professionals in the Victorian Climbié case failed to respond to her safeguarding needs... This book should be required reading for anyone undertaking a child abuse inquiry or serious review.
  • Child Care in Practice

    Buckley's account of the operation of the child protection process in one health board at a time of "unprecedented development" in the Irish child welfare system provides a unique and fascinating insight into the realities of practice. The meticulous nature of the research presented and the clarity of analysis does constitute a thought provoking and useful text that will assist practitioners, theorists and others interested in understanding the challenges for social workers involved in child protection and the influences on their practice.
  • Journal of Practice Teaching

    In this book the author seeks to make visible the professional practices of statutory social workers involved in the child protection process. By finding out more about what happens at the early stages of the processing of concerns about children - the referral stage and beyond- she argues we can understand more about the complexities and uncertainties of child protection work... This book is therefore of great interest to anyone involved in researching social work child protection or child welfare practice in the twenty first century. It will also be a valuable resource for anyone teaching social work practitioners, either as trainee social workers or in post- qualifying courses, as it encourages critical reflection based on the actual work of child protection as acted out by the workers themselves. Social work practitioners themselves will be able to use some of these case studies to help them understand the nature of their own work and the difficulties they daily face'.
  • Community Practitioner

    This is a book that deserves to be widely read by practitioners involved in child protection work... Throughout, the author examines in detail the dynamic processes of child protection work, providing the reader with important insights that extend far beyond the "official discourse" of policy and practice. In this way the book makes a major contribution to our understanding of professional practices in this area and gives a critical perspective on the current child protection system.
  • ROSTRUM (Scottish Quarterly Bulletin)

    Very helpful references to further research.
  • Community Care

    This is a frank, no-punches-pulled description and discussion on the child protection system in the Republic of Ireland during the 1990's... It is a thoughtful book, relevant to UK practice too.