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Christians Hearing Voices

Affirming Experience and Finding Meaning
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In this insightful book, accounts of voice hearers are presented, evaluated and interpreted by a Christian theologian and psychiatrist.

By listening to the first-hand experiences of voice hearers and evaluating them in the light of Christian theology, the book enables the reader to understand the experiences of voice hearers as a part of Christian experience and to engage with the theological issues raised by them, including the nature of revelation.

This engaging and thought-provoking collection looks at a range of stories - ranging from comforting to complex to simply conversational - to encourage debate and search for meaning and also show how the reader can adapt clinical and pastoral practice to better aid people in this situation.
  • Published: Dec 21 2020
  • Pages: 192
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785925245
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Press Reviews

  • John R. Peteet, MD Associate Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School Boston, Mass.

    Beginning with experiences of Christians at points of crisis, conversion or calling, Dr. Cook moves to more complex dialogues with God or evil, and the phenomena of possession and deliverance. Without presuming to answer all questions, he probes the psychological and spiritual dimensions of our inner voices, thoughtfully relates scientific insight to theological wisdom, and argues convincingly for an informed pastoral approach.
  • Revd. Jean Fletcher, Methodist Minister

    In Christians Hearing Voices we see movement from an individual's experience, into that of being in community with others who have also heard and responded to the mystery of voices. Professor Cook has gathered many contextualised examples and with warmth, respect and expertise reflected upon a phenomenon that is shown to be an integral part of our humanity.