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Community Care Practice and the Law

Fourth Edition
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This fourth edition of Community Care Practice and the Law has been fully updated to reflect the rapid and continuing legal, policy and practice changes affecting community care.

It provides comprehensive and jargon-free explanations of community care legislation, as well as other areas of law directly relevant to practitioners, including the NHS, disabled facilities grants and housing adaptations, asylum and immigration, mental capacity, human rights, disability discrimination, health and safety at work and negligence – and a range of legal provisions relevant to the protection and safeguarding of adults.

Apart from the burgeoning legal case law and ombudsman investigations, changes from the last edition include coverage of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, legal implications of 'self directed care' and 'individual budgets', changes to direct payments and 'ordinary residence' determinations. In particular, new guidance applies to the high profile issue of NHS continuing health care.

The book is an essential guide for practitioners and managers in both the statutory and voluntary sectors, policy makers in local authorities and the NHS, advocates, lawyers and social work students.
  • Published: Oct 15 2008
  • Pages: 640
  • 245 x 175mm
  • ISBN: 9781843106913
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Press Reviews

  • Dementia Journal

    Of particular interest to readers with an interest in dementia is the new section in this edition examining the Mental Capacity Act 2005. This is thoughtfully written with good case vignettes, complemented with concise definitions and clear explanations of powers and roles. Overall the volume succeeds in being both an introduction and solid reference to guide practice in a very wide range of scenarios. J would recommend this as a reference text for policy makers of Iocal authorities and NHS, but also for those who deal with complex issues in the community both in the social work and the NHS.
  • Physiotherapy

    a thorough guide for practitioners in different fields, providing jargon-free, comprehensive explanations for the most updated and relevant legal issues in community care... This book would be a useful addition to the libraries of health and social care professionals, both in universities and local practices where community care has been, or is being, developed.
  • Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law

    Offering a comprehensive account of current community care law and policy, the book operates as a useful reference tool, whether the reader is looking, for example, for details on direct payments or mental capacity. Topics can be located both via the contents page and the index. It is a particularly useful tool for agencies, managers, practitioners, and students of health and social care.
  • Professional Social Work

    This book is written well - this is no dry, dusty, legal read. Case law, tribunal and Ombudsman decisions have all been updated, and many are described in detail. Mandelstam summarises complex cases succinctly, explains legislation, case law and tribunal decisions, and doesn't shrink from incisive comment on the impact on vulnerable people of resource starvation and "labyrinthine" rules and regulations in social care. Practitioners, managers and agency lawyers should all have a copy of this edition on their desks. Students, too, will find it as good a guide to community care, as well as the law, as many standards texts.
  • Journal of Community Nursing

    The overwhelming impression is that of accessibility - you can easily find the relevant law, case examples and challenges.
  • Caring Times

    For a bang-up-to-date reference book on everything relating to social care and the law,get the 4th Edition of Community Care Practice and the Law.
  • Journal of Physiotherapy

    This book is an excellent resource for all physiotherapists, from policy developers to students.
  • British Journal of Occupational Therapy

    The third edition has been substantially reworked from the previous edition essential reading for practitioners, managers and students who need a practical guide to the law as it applies to community care practice, it is an ideal book to dip into and is easy to navigate.
  • Journal of Community Nursing

    This book is set out coherently and with clear cross referencing. Mandelstam achieves the difficult task of providing an adequate description of legal issues with detailed analysis and thorough application; this is to his credit. It will appeal to and should be considered an essential text reference for specialist practitioners and managers in health and social care.
  • Caring Times

    Michael Mandelstam's book is superb, the more you look at it, the more you will find it of relevance. Care home providers and managers need to know and understand the law, especially when dealing with local authorities and other outside bodies such as Commission for Social Care Inspection. I've put this book to the test and it comes through with flying colours.
  • Mental Health Practice

    Community Care Practice and the Law proves itself to be comprehensive and monumentally authoritative.