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Complicated Grief, Attachment, and Art Therapy

Theory, Treatment, and 14 Ready-to-Use Protocols
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This wide-ranging book on art therapy and grief provides everything an art therapist needs to feel confident in creating an effective treatment plan. It features fourteen clear-cut protocols, outlining 4-8 week curriculums for working with Complicated Grief, and explains the theory which informs the practice, including popular and evolving models such as Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Art Therapy Relational Neuroscience (ATR-N).

Suitable for a variety of settings and clinical populations, the book breaks through the analytical jargon of the field and provides first-person narratives of art therapists exploring their own experiences of grief and client case studies.
  • Published: Apr 21 2017
  • Pages: 376
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785927386
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Press Reviews

  • Arthur Robbins, Ed. D. Professor Emeritus, Pratt Institute

    This book becomes unique in character as it integrates attachment research, prolonged bereavement, trauma and art therapy methodology. Students, practitioners and teachers will find this book helpful as it offers a clear format to the synthesis of verbal and non-verbal clinical interventions. Upon completion of this book I am left with a good deal of stimulation and clinical excitement. New pathways are opened up and the reader will find a most important contribution to the mental health field.