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Constructive Campaigning for Autism Services

The PACE Parents' Handbook
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Parents of children with autism know better than anyone else what educational and public services their child needs. They also know the deficiencies of the system and the frustrations encountered while trying to obtain such services. Constructive Campaigning for Autism Services is an essential guide to effective campaigning for appropriate services for children with autism, written by PACE (The Parents' Autism Campaign for Education).

Based on the real-life experiences, dilemmas and questions of parents themselves involved in campaigning, this practical handbook explains how the system works both at local and national levels and provides invaluable information about local authority structures and government policy. The guide outlines different campaign methods and their effectiveness, and shows how parents can draw up a tailor-made plan for their position. It also shows that parents who have fought for services for their own child can use their experiences to improve provision for all children with autism.

This will be an essential handbook for all parents and others who are actively involved in campaigning for better autism services.
  • Published: Jul 15 2005
  • Pages: 112
  • 232 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781843103875
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Press Reviews

  • The Frontline of Learning Disability

    This book is simply written and shows how parents can make a difference.
  • Good Autism Practice

    It is a highly practical book which gives a wealth of useful information about how 'the system' works, the structure and policy of local authorities, government legislation, the current state of autism services in the UK and an outline of the proposed changes in the way children's services will shortly be reorganised at national, regional and local levels. The book is written in a very readable and accessible style and is aimed both at parents of children with ASD who wish to campaign for better services for their own children and at those who are interested in seeing improvements in autism services for all.
  • ChildRight

    The publication is well set out and enjoyable to read, with comical illustrations and diagrams for clarity. It is a useful `practical guide for parent campaigners who want to a play a part in building better autism services.
  • Afasic News

    The book is easy to read, written in clear, concise English. It presents a balanced point of view, giving quotes form both parents and local education authority (LEA) officers, so parents can get an insight into the constraints on the LEA officers. This book is fantastic and I wish I could have read it five years ago. I would unequivocally recommend it to any parent, who is struggling to get their child's needs met and wants to understand better how the system works; or to any parent group, who wants to campaign for improved services for special needs children.
  • Council for Disabled Children

    I was asked to be a critical reader on this book, and was delighted to be so. This is a really well written publication with the clearest explanation I have seen about influencing systems. It is written with parents of autistic children in mind, but would be equally relevant to parents of all disabled children. It should also be compulsory reading for policy makers!
  • Current Awareness Service

    This is a book that a lot of people will wish they had got their hands on a long time ago. If turning pubic interest into action and improved services is to be achieved, it points the way. Despite its title, a publication of real value to planners, service providers and other professionals as well.