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Counselling Skills for Working with Gender Diversity and Identity

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For any student or practitioner needing to gain a sound understanding of the complex fields of gender variance, gender identity and gender dysphoria, this book provides the ideal starting point for the knowledge and skills that you need.

Emphasising the need for affirmative practice in gender care, it provides an overview of the subject areas and process issues which most commonly arise in counselling, combining theoretical with practical perspectives. It explores the diverse range of identities including masculinity, femininity, non-binary, gender dysphoria, trans and cisgender. It also addresses challenges which many clients experience in their daily lives - in the workplace, when coming out, when transitioning and in intimate relationships.

The authors highlight the importance of education and reflection to enable good practice. They feature case studies, vignettes and reflective exercises throughout the text, making it a useful tool for professional development as well as suitable as a text for students.
  • Published: Mar 21 2018
  • Pages: 312
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781785927416
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Press Reviews

  • Meg-John Barker is a Senior Lecturer in psychology at The Open University, psychotherapist, and author of How to Understand Your Gender, Queer: A Graphic History, and many other books

    This book is essential reading for all counsellors, therapists, and mental health practitioners. It explains current psychological and sociological thinking about femininity, masculinity, and non-binary gender in a highly accessible way, and demonstrates clearly how gender is relevant to all of our clients. Numerous case studies bring the material to life and help the reader to understand how best to work with clients across gender diversity, drawing on various therapeutic approaches and practices. The book particularly provides an excellent introduction to working with trans clients, including a thorough description of best practice in this area, as well as a good sense of the key issues facing trans people today.
  • Madison-Amy Webb Gender Variant Woman, Psychotherapist and Director of Transitions Counselling & Consultancy

    A timely and important book. A fundamental read for all therapeutic professionals working with clients exploring their gender variance. At a time when society's understanding of gender identity is experiencing a state of flux this book offers clarity on a controversial and complex subject.