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Creative DBT Activities Using Music

Interventions for Enhancing Engagement and Effectiveness in Therapy
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This book provides clinicians (particularly those specialising in DBT) with music activities and creative ideas to implement with existing practices, to strengthen what clients are being taught in DBT skills groups. These new ideas can be used with clients individually, in groups, or be given as homework.

The first part of the book consists of group activities for therapists and group leaders to use. In part two each DBT skill is presented with its own activity, written in with clear step by step instructions. The skills gained will be particularly beneficial for individuals who have difficulty regulating or dealing with their emotions and this guide improves clinicians' confidence and skill in aiding these individuals innumerably.
  • Published: Mar 19 2020
  • Pages: 160
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781787751804
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Press Reviews

  • Alec L. Miller, PsyD, Co-Founder and Clinical Director, CBC , White Plains, NY and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    As a psychologist and life-long musician I've always wanted to better synthesize these two passions to help my patients. Spiegel, Makary, and Bonavitacola, show me (and now you) many effective and practical ways to creatively weave music into DBT! You do not need to be a musician or a psychologist to find these therapeutic activities immediately applicable to your patients, students, and colleagues who are practicing DBT.
  • Katherine E. Borst, MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

    A refreshing and stimulating read, providing need-to-know information and unique insight when utilizing music and art-focused DBT techniques. As an experienced music therapist and educator, Deborah Spiegel has opened a "DBT door" to readers and laid a foundation ensuring informed and individualized treatment in the therapy field and beyond.
  • Cedar Koons, DBT consultant, researcher, DBT-LBC certified therapist and author of 'The Mindfulness Solution to Extreme Emotions: Take Control of BPD with DBT'

    Spiegel, Makary and Bonavitacola have compiled an impressive collection of music related activities designed to "teach, strengthen and anchor" DBT and other life skills. The book shows how to use music and music appreciation in the DBT skills curriculum. The authors provide creativity and inspiration from the field of music therapy. Well done!
  • Libby Arsenault, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group Leader, Mental Health Counselor at an inpatient DBT program, and non-musician

    In my work with adolescents, music really engages them, and when kids are engaged, that's half the battle for teaching them skills. Especially at a program like mine where group participation is expected as part of treatment.