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Deafness and Mental Health

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Few people are fully aware of the psychological and sociological implications of different types of deafness, or of the problems of deaf people with disabilities, and few members of the caring professions have any training in this field. This clear, practical book, by one of the world's leading psychiatrists in work with deaf people, outlines the nature of the different kinds of deafness and covers both clinical and service aspects of working with deaf people. The book includes many illustrative examples, and is written not only for professionals in the mental health field, but also for all those whose work brings them into contact with deaf children and adults. Because deafness is not a `visible' problem, it is often difficult to take account of the problems that deaf people face, and this book will be of particular use in helping to understand better the nature of deafness and to recognise mental disorder.
  • Published: Apr 01 1994
  • Pages: 204
  • 234 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781853022128
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Press Reviews

  • From the Foreword

    `At last we have John Denmark's written work which will secure for the next generation a major source of wisdom, common sense and sound advice. This book is a must for all health care professionals, particularly those whose work brings them into contact with deaf people.'
  • British Journal of Occupational Therapy

    `This is a very clear and readable book which gives a welcome insight into the little-recognised difficulties of deaf people who experience mental health problemsa useful reference for professionals working particularly in the mental health field, but also for those whose work or social activity brings them into contact with deaf people.'
  • British Journal of Psychiatry

    `[the book's] strengths lie in Dr Denmark's extensive experience of the field. He makes ample use of case material to illustrate the wide range of difficulties that deaf and hearing people with communication problems present to Mental Health Services… vividly illustrates the way in which limited communication between deaf and hearing people compounds and often creates difficulties in their relationships with their families, doctors and the criminal justice system.'
  • Disability and Society

    `the book is one of the few in this country to address the issue of deaf people with mental health problems in context… the author succeeds admirably in his clear explanation and analysis of the range of `mental disorders which include reactions to stress, mental illness, mental impairment and disorders of personality' from which deaf people may `suffer'. His detailed accounts of the mis-diagnosis which can result from the inability to establish clear communication between deaf clients and professionals responsible for the detection and diagnosis of mental disorders must be compulsory reading, and a salutary warning, for all professionals who work with deaf people.'
  • Medical Review

    `This book was read in one sitting and should be in the library of every practising psychiatrist The chapters on psychiatry for deaf people the use of specialist interpreters and an outline of the phenomenology of mental disorder, as it affects the deaf, should always be available for reference by practitioners. There is an appendix on institutions and organisations for the deaf and a helpful bibliography. Highly recommended.'
  • Journal of Environmental Psychology

    `[the author] has summarised his immense experience for the first time in Deafness and Mental Healththis modest handbook will be essential for anyone involved with the combined problems of severe deafness and mental abnormality.'
  • Mental Health Nursing

    `Denmark makes good use of brief case histories to illustrate hearing problemsthe appendices provide useful information on the meaning of terms, classifications, causes and syndromes associated with deafness, and also details of institutions and organisations for deaf people.'
  • Disability News

    `The style of [the author's] book makes very easy reading as he distinguishes depression as a consequence of encroaching deafness, from depression as an independent conditionit will be of interest to professional workers and general interest readers who meet children or adults with limited hearing and wish to relate better to the individual.'
  • Talk: The Magazine of the National Deaf Children's Society

    `Now we have the essence of a career spanning very many years and a guide to all those interested in the subject and for all those who have a care for deaf peopleDr Denmark's book is a must on the reading list of anybody who has contact and wishes to understand deaf people and especially those with multiple problems.'
  • Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

    `This small book is an excellent introduction to deafness and mental health problems and fills a major gap in the literature on deafness.'
  • Counselling in Medical Settings

    `This book was clearly written, primarily for people who may meet deaf people in the course of their work. It is an excellent book both in its conception and its delivery...a must for those people who work in the field of deafness.