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Deeno's Dream Journeys in the Big Blue Bubble

A Relaxation Programme to Help Children Manage their Emotions
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Deeno's Dream Journeys in the Big Blue Bubble is a fun and easy-to-use guide to a special relaxation technique for children. Adapted from the system of Autogenics, the six-week programme uses positive affirmations and guided imagery to help children manage their emotions, let go of anxiety and feel calm and confident.

Each week, the child is given a new set of 'magic words': a relaxation tool they can draw upon whenever they feel stressed or anxious. An illustrated story based around these words, where the child is asked to imagine they are going on an adventure in a big blue bubble with Deeno the Dinosaur, draws the child into a safe and magical world and guides their minds and bodies into a state of deep, calming relaxation. Suggestions for follow-up practice and creative activities based around that week's words accompany each session, and encourage children to tap into their own imaginations. Separate introductions for parents, teachers and other professionals provide advice on how best to use the technique, whether at home, at school, or elsewhere. There is also a children's introduction, which introduces Deeno and explains the technique in accessible terms.

Accessible and engaging, Deeno's Dream Journeys in the Big Blue Bubble is an ideal tool for helping children develop effective relaxation skills in a fun and imaginative way.
  • Published: Oct 15 2009
  • Pages: 128
  • 248 x 184mm
  • ISBN: 9781849050395
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Press Reviews

  • Frontline, Angelina Veiga, Psychotherapist, Centre for Professional Therapy

    This book is a wonderful introduction into the field of Autogenic Therapy and can extend into the practice of mindfulness. It gives children tools that they can use throughout their lives. I would recommend this book to parents or anyone working with children who want to introduce a reflective and calming exercise or the tools to self-soothe during heightened emotional states.

    This is a slender volume, and a very practical book, with lots of pictures and diagrams and exercises. The author says the book was a "real pleasure" to write; it was a joy to read too! After a short explanation about relaxation and why it is important, the book teaches some simple and easy to use relaxation techniques that can be used with children... I recommend it to all Cafcass practitioners, but my quess is that Family Support Workers will find the most use for it.
  • Emma Coore, GP Hereford, Herefordshire, West England

    A truly inspiring book that encouraged me to give my children the gift of relaxation. I was amazed by my son’s responsiveness to the stories and Deeno, the main character. A wonderful resource to be used by parents and other professionals alike.
  • Janet Donnelly, Consultant Community Paediatrician in Kendal, Cumbria, UK.

    As a paediatrician I see many children who need to learn how to relax and this book gives parents, teachers and the children themselves a wonderfully imaginative way of learning this skill.
  • The Midwest Book Review

    Provides a fine introduction to special relaxation techniques for children... Any adult seeking to guide kids to calming relaxation techniques will find this child-oriented approach to be different and useful.