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Eating Disorder Essentials

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Save over 20% on three of our must-have eating disorder books, packaged together as an essential bundle. Together, these books provide a well-rounded and supportive base, guiding individuals through the complexities of eating disorder recovery with empathy, practical advice, and a broader perspective on the diverse experiences within this journey.

The Eating Disorder Recovery Journal: Designed as a companion to the recovery journey, this journal offers a supportive space for self-reflection and progress tracking. With carefully crafted prompts and exercises, it invites you to engage in a reflective and intentional exploration of your path to healing.

What Does Eating Disorder Recovery Look Like?: Consider this your insightful guide to navigating the complexities of recovery. Filled with authentic stories and expert guidance, it offers a companionable approach to understanding the twists and turns of the journey toward healing.

Eating Disorders Don't Discriminate: Every story of living with an eating disorder is unique. Eating Disorders Don't Discriminate brings together thirty-one of them, each tackling the stereotypes and misconceptions about what eating disorders look like and who they impact. This book is like a wake-up call; it serves as a compelling conversation starter, encouraging a nuanced understanding of eating disorders.

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