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A New Perspective for The Expressive and Creative Arts Therapies In The 21st Century
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This book emphasises ecological, nature-assisted expressive and creative arts and art therapies within the context of the current ecological crises. Rich in fresh theoretical perspectives, this timely compendium of theory, research, and practice also provides methods and tools that can help the reader understand and incorporate new eco perspectives into their work.
Building on the concept of poiesis as the human creative function, this book seeks to stress the importance of humanity's ecopoietic capacity, creating a more sustainable life for humans. It has been specifically created within the context of this most critical period of human existence, and acts as a forum for innovation based on the values of the environmental movement and its desire to address the extensive sociopsychological impact of the ecological crisis.
  • Published: Jun 21 2022
  • Pages: 336
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787759930
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Ross W. Prior, Principal Editor, Journal of Applied Arts & Health

    An erudite exploration of eco-humanity and feeling through art, in being more completely with the world as well as of the world. This book takes a fresh ecological perspective and offers hopeful insights to all those with an interest in the powerful role of art, no matter what the form or function, in helping to develop the emerging area of ecopoiesis.
  • Catherine Hyland Moon, Professor Emeritus, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    This is a brave book! This is an urgent book! Expanding far beyond conventional therapies, the book engages with complex social, economic, and political issues related to climate crisis. It positions expressive arts therapists as uniquely situated to address the interrelationship between care for the self and care for the environment, tying well-being to decolonization of the planet.