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Forging Queer Leaders

How the LGBTQIA+ Community Creates Impact from Adversity
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LGBTQ+ individuals will encounter bias, adversity, stigma, and marginalizationon a daily basis. It's an enormous obstacle - but also a unique preparation for a fast-moving, volatile, uncertain, complex, and adaptive working world.
The book explores the unique and inspiring developmental experiences of LGBTQ+ professionals, the amazing capabilities they bring to teams, and what that means for everyone pursuing positive and inclusive business strategy. With stories from the armed forces, lawyers, entrepreneurs, authors, academics, thought-leaders, medical professionals - you name it - this shows how queer folk everywhereare harnessing their hard-won power and resilience to excel.
With a history of excellence in queer leadership, the contextual underpinning of adversity and resilience theory,and uplifting stories and soundbites from queer game-changers in every field - this is an essential resource for LGBTQ+ individuals, business professionals and leaders of all kinds.
  • Published: May 21 2024
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN: 9781839978395
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