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Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology, Second Edition

A Textbook for Trainees and Practitioners
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Now in its second edition, this comprehensive textbook presents a rich overview of approaches to educational psychology, through an in-depth exploration of both existing and emerging practice frameworks.

Covering established techniques such as the Monsen et al. Problem-Solving Framework and the Constructionist Model of Informed and Reasoned Action, the book sets out new material on innovative methods and approaches such as Implementation Science and a Problem-Solving - Solution Focussed integrated model for service delivery. Accessible summaries are accompanied by perceptive assessments of how these frameworks meet modern needs for accountable, transparent and effective practice.

Providing a definitive, up-to-date view of educational psychology, the book explains the complex, integrated methodology necessary to succeed in the field today. Thoughtful and clear, this textbook will be an invaluable resource for all practicing educational psychologists, students, trainers and educators.
  • Published: Dec 21 2016
  • Pages: 360
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785920073
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Simon Gibbs, Reader in Educational Psychology, University of Newcastle

    Barbara Kelly and her colleagues have done a magnificent job. This 2nd edition provides a lucid and critical overview of the history and development of Educational Psychology Practice in the UK. This is a valuable contribution to training and professional development that accurately sets 'Frameworks' in context. Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology will appeal to both trainees and qualified psychologists. It provides a touchstone and way-marker for the future and should thus also inform policy makers and commissioners of educational psychology services.
  • Shane R. Jimerson, PhD, Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara and President, International School Psychology Association

    Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology is an essential resource for both graduate students and practicing professionals. The contributors provide valuable information to inform conceptual, research, ethical, and legislative foundations important for educational psychologists. The second edition includes chapters addressing important topics such as solution oriented practice, proactive problem solving models, positive psychology, consultation, implementation science, and promoting children's mental health in schools. Drawing upon the expertise of scholars and practitioners, Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology highlights contemporary conceptual and empirical knowledge to inform current and future educational psychology practice.