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Helping Children to Improve Their Gross Motor Skills

The Stepping Stones Curriculum
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Help children with motor coordination difficulties to develop their gross motor skills in a fun way with this guided programme for children and young people aged 5-18.

Activity worksheets provide detailed descriptions of how gross motor tasks can be accomplished through incremental stages, culminating in the achievement of the specific task. The step-by-step programme is divided into two sections:

* learning basic skills, which includes balance, jumping, climbing, skipping, ball skills, riding a bike and more
* developing specific sports skills, which includes football, badminton, basketball, netball, tennis, bowling and more.

The Stepping Stones Curriculum will enable adults to chart the progress of a child and allow children to become engaged in mastering motor coordination skills. Supplementary aids such as warm up and cool-down activity sheets, an initial assessment tool and a certificate of achievement will help parents and professionals to deliver the programme effectively at home or at school.
  • Published: Aug 21 2017
  • Pages: 256
  • 276 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922794
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Press Reviews

  • Dani Goodman, Senior Therapist for children with learning disabilities

    As an occupational therapist working with children, Helping Children to Improve Their Gross Motor Skills provides the perfect breakdown for motor skill acquisition. Its simple, motivating and clear structure ensures it can be given to parents/carers and schools with effective outcomes. This will definitely be my go-to book for many years to come.
  • Ann-Marie Baker, Occupational Therapist

    The Stepping Stones Curriculum is a must-have resource for educators and therapists alike. The book is laid out clearly; making it easy to understand and implement in multiple settings. The resources required are easily accessible and inexpensive. Rachel White chooses to celebrate the child or young person's successes and efforts in measurable steps instead of just focusing on the end result of skill acquisition.
  • Monica Leo, Occupational Therapist, Sprout Paediatric Therapy Services

    This is one of the most thoroughly practical and useful resources I have ever read for helping children with their gross motor skills. Not only does it guide development of their motor and sport skills, but it also boosts their confidence and engagement by empowering them to choose their own goals. I Love the way it allows you to easily incorporate the goals into their learning plans and to track their progress in measurable terms.