Helping Children to Manage Loss

Positive Strategies for Renewal and Growth
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Children experience loss in many ways: in the loss of a parent through death or divorce, through illness or disability, in failure and bullying, and in the host of hurts that are inherent in being alive.

Helping Children to Manage Loss: Positive Strategies for Renewal and Growth explores the territory of loss in childhood using the words of children who have found themselves bereft of hope. As well as covering the short and long term implications that arise when loss occurs, it provides positive approaches that enable children not only to cope but to grow through their experiences. Incorporating practical techniques, case studies, successful models of intervention and insights from the author's experience as a counsellor who has worked extensively with children, the book explores such topics as:

* helping a child prepare for loss

* the initial impact of bereavement and its immediate consequences

* helping a child mourn/come to terms with loss

* separation and divorce, and the `sleeper' effects that cause long-term damage

* dreams as communication and how they can be used therapeutically

* enabling strategies to use with children facing illness, including cancer and disability

* facing the trauma of abuse, suicide and disaster

* strategies for renewal at home and at school, including the importance of active listening and ritual.

The book also includes a section on further sources of support, with useful addresses, resources, books and telephone contact numbers.
  • Published: Jun 01 1998
  • Pages: 184
  • 232 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781853026058
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Press Reviews

  • Pastoral Care, June 1999

    This book is written by a counsellor, intended to help teachers and parents helping distressed children. She has based her book on her considerable experience, having "listened to what children say they want adults to do" at times of loss. The themes of the book are well supported with research and brought to life by the words of children and their parents. The text is easily accessible as it is written in straightforward language.