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How and Why Children Hate

A Study of Conscious and Unconscious Sources
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Hate is a potent factor in undermining feelings of love and all that it implies. We all hate from time to time, but children hate more than adults. Paradoxically, they are also more amenable to improvement and treatment. But these matters are seldom openly discussed.

The contributors to this book discuss how to recognise and handle hatred in a practical way. The contributors include two psychiatrists, four social psychologists, three psychotherapists, two educationalists and a sociologist. They are all recognized and experienced in their fields. Their different perspectives enable the reader to obtain a comprehensive picture of available models and management approaches to children's primitive hatred. The points will be made that individual symptoms and types of hatred need to be assessed by relating them to the social and family contexts within which they occur.
  • Published: Apr 01 1993
  • Pages: 224
  • 233 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781853021855
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Press Reviews

  • From the Foreword

    The roots of hatred, sad to say, can often be traced to infancy and childhood. It seems a sacrilege to suggest that the children we love, the children who can be so loving, should have in them the seeds of the indifference, cruelty and violence which are the accompaniments of hatred. This is a worthy project indeed; its insights into the human conditions of love and its relative, hate, will be of value to a wide audience.
  • Contemporary Psychology

    The authors suggest worthwhile methods of exploring the roots of hatred, demonstrating how class, society, family, and peer relationships form the foundation for a hatred that is sometimes later acted out against society or the self.
  • Counselling News

    This collection of essays on the subject from psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists as well as a sociologist and an educationalist is most welcome… [a] scholarly, well-researched and brilliant book on such a difficult subject.
  • Nursery World

    A detailed and extensive study with lists of useful references. It is a must for studying children's hatred or its relative, love.