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How to Survive in Social Work

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Social worker. You're a helping hand, a rock in the tempest, a friendly face through the hard times, and a catalyst for change. But what about you? How do you keep going when the pressure just keeps rising?

In this no-nonsense handbook, Neil Thompson and John McGowan distil years of social work expertise into key strategies to overcome the challenges that come with the profession. Each chapter is full of clear, practical advice on staying resilient in the face of tough situations, whether they're political, social, or economic. Handy frameworks and expert advice will strengthen your practice and give you a solid structure to build on, helping you fulfil your potential as a social worker and provide better support for your clients.

Social work is tough, but with the guidance and support in this book you can learn to tackle the challenges and thrive as a force for change.
  • Published: Oct 19 2023
  • Pages: 240
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781839978074
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Kate van Heugten, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    A powerfully frank look at challenges in social work; this book inspires social workers to collectively work at rebuilding a culture of respect for the profession notwithstanding neoliberalism and transactional managerialism.
  • Nadia, Fran and Eugene, The Social Matters podcast

    Hopeful, realistic and systemic. This wonderfully accessible book invites the social work profession at both micro and macro levels to reflect on what is needed for us to continue doing the work we love, for those we serve.
  • Vivian Okeze – Tirado – England Social Worker of the Year & Social Justice Advocate Gold winner 2021.

    I believe I speak for many social workers when I say that this book is hugely welcome and very relatable. Social work is a career like no other, highly rewarding but extremely tasking, emotionally draining, and complex. There is an automatic response to gravitate towards survival as opposed to thriving mode. I particularly loved the use of the words "Scratch" and "Beyond" to give great insights on how to survive and thrive in social work. This book provides robust enlightenment on managing stress in social work and is a must read for all social work practitioners, managers, and leaders.