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Human Givens Therapy with Adolescents

A Practical Guide for Professionals
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Human Givens therapy recognises and addresses innate needs - or 'givens' - common to all humans. The innovative approach is a highly effective way of dealing with the emotional difficulties faced by young people, and this book covers everything the practitioner needs to know about its theory and practice.

This comprehensive resource offers an essential insight into the emotional well-being of adolescents and a detailed overview of the Human Givens approach, its therapeutic structure and potential outcomes. With a detailed exploration of each Human Givens need, the book provides useful assessment tools and practical interventions, all supported by photocopiable materials that include question sheets for the client and record charts for the practitioner. The book concludes with an informative case study taken from the author's research, which consists of a session-by-session therapeutic outline designed to communicate exactly how Human Givens works in practice.

This complete guide to Human Givens therapy will equip educational, clinical and social care professionals working with adolescents with all they need to know to put this effective approach into action.
  • Published: Jan 15 2011
  • Pages: 192
  • 276 x 215mm
  • ISBN: 9781849051705
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Press Reviews

  • Counselling, Children and Young People

    as an entry-level introduction to this brand of assessment and this approach, it lives up to its "practical guide" moniker.
  • Young Minds Magazine, Terry Philpot, author

    It is so clearly written and attractively produced that it could be easily used to introduce young clients to the work and help them understand the attempt which will be made to help them.
  • Human Givens

    THIS very welcome book is the first with "human givens" in the title that has been externally published and is base don the author's evidence-based research on the approach, carried out for a doctorate awarded by the University of Manchester. Yates, an educational and child psychologist, creatively adapts key ideas about needs and resources, and the APET and RIGAAR models for use with adolescents and includes plenty of reproducible worksheets.
  • Joe Griffin, cofounder of the Human Givens approach

    This book should prove invaluable to anyone who wants to help adolescents improve their emotional health and wellbeing. It represents a pioneering and original contribution to the application of Human Givens psychology with adolescents.