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Inside Transracial Adoption

Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don't "Match", Second Edition
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Is transracial adoption a positive choice for kids?
How can children gain their new families without losing their birth heritage?
How can parents best support their children after placement?

Inside Transracial Adoption is an authoritative guide to navigating the challenges and issues that parents face in the USA when they adopt a child of a different race and/or from a different culture. Filled with real-life examples and strategies for success, this book explores in depth the realities of raising a child transracially, whether in a multicultural or a predominantly white community. Readers will learn how to help children adopted transracially or transnationally build a strong sense of identity, so that they will feel at home both in their new family and in their racial group or culture of origin. This second edition incorporates the latest research on positive racial identity and multicultural families, and reflects recent developments and trends in adoption.

Drawing on research, decades of experience as adoption professionals, and their own personal experience of adopting transracially, Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg offer insights for all transracial adoptive parents - from prospective first-time adopters to experienced veterans - and those who support them.
  • Published: May 28 2013
  • Pages: 304
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781849059053
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Press Reviews

  • Alicia Baker, Mankato Attachment Parenting, Examiner

    This is an excellent book that does not gloss over the very real issues of transracial adoption. The authors work hard to give white parents a real understanding of the very different perspective their children will be growing up with, and how vital it is that they acknowledge the struggles their children will face and become their educated allies in dealing with them... Throughout the book, the needs and best interests of the children are the priority. The authors give many examples to show the perspectives of children of transracial adoption and give parenting strategies that are healthy, positive and loving... I highly recommend "Inside Transracial Adoption" for all families who have adopted or are considering adopting transracially/culturally, as well as for adoption professionals and adoptees.
  • Joseph Crumbley, LCSW

    As experienced parents who adopted transracially, Beth and Gail have once again provided adoptive parents with information, examples and approaches that are both practical and useful. As respected professionals, they have created a resource and overview of topics that can be used by agencies in preparing parents for transracial/cultural adoptions.
  • Susan Soonkeum Cox, Vice President Policy & External Affairs, Holt International Children's Services

    Adoption can have many complex layers, and with interracial adoption there are the added nuances of race, culture and identity. As a Korean adoptee I have lived this experience. As an adoption professional for thirty years, I have witnessed the transformation of priorities for transracially adoptive families. Parents must explore and understand these issues to successfully navigate the challenges and fully embrace the differences that families live with every day. Inside Transracial Adoption is the bible of resources on this subject, written by two experts it has been my pleasure to work with and learn from. This is the book I most often recommend to anyone considering adoption, adoptees and adoption professionals. There is wisdom for everyone who cares about transracial adoption and the children and adults who come together as transracial families.
  • Dr. Perlita Harris, Goldsmiths, University of London, Editor of The Colours in Me: Writing and poetry by adopted children and young people and In Search of Belonging: Reflections by transracially adopted people

    While largely aimed at an American audience, this book explains how to become an ally and advocate for your transracially adopted child/ren. The authors offer invaluable insight into parenting transracially through adoption. They never lose sight of the reality of racism and the need to help transracially adopted children to name, externalise, and depersonalise racism, as well as build links with their community of birth. Central is the idea that we must really listen to our children, validate their feelings and experiences, challenge racism, and equip them with the skills to do so. Inside Transracial Adoption contains a wealth of tips and guidance for adoptive parents and social workers whether in the USA, UK, or elsewhere.