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Karuna Cards

Creative Ideas to Transform Grief and Difficult Life Transitions
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The Karuna Cards were developed in counseling with bereaved families and individuals, and are designed to help anyone struggling with loss, grief or difficult life transitions.

Writing in a journal is an effective therapeutic technique, but many people find it difficult to know where to begin. The Karuna Cards help by providing prompts and questions that can be used as starting points, in addition to suggesting therapeutic activities or ideas for simple meditations. Readers can respond to each card by doing the activity, writing in a personal journal or using the card in conversation with someone they trust.

The cards can be used by individuals at home or with professionals in counseling sessions, and come with a booklet that provides guidance and recommendations for how to get the best from each card.
  • Published: Dec 19 2017
  • 128 x 94mm
  • ISBN: 9781785927805
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Press Reviews

  • Nancy Gershman, developer of "Dreamscaping"

    Karuna Cards are like love letters to the Self that can be read out of order: questions and gentle suggestions to awaken the mourner's senses, inspire poetry, works of art, and loving words, full of promise and hope.
  • Melanie Hudson, Durham Counselling & Psychotherapy

    In my perspective, these cards are akin to a treasure trove, unlocking powerful insights. Even after working through all the cards, they remain a valuable resource, with prompts taking on new meanings or significance as we navigate through life and accumulate new experiences.