Life Coaching for Kids

A Practical Manual to Coach Children and Young People to Success, Well-being and Fulfilment

Life coaching is a great way to help children and young people build self-esteem, set positive goals and deal with difficult issues such as bullying, anxiety and poor body image.

This book sets out what life coaching is and how it works, what the benefits are, and how to go about coaching children and young people. Part 1 covers the background, theory and different types of coaching, and Part 2 explores the life coaching model and different techniques used, with examples of how coaching works in practice and how to build skills. The third part contains activities and photocopiable worksheets to use in practice with young people. They include general activities to develop self-esteem, set goals and build confidence, as well as activities for specific issues such as bullying, poor body image, relationships and anxiety.

Suitable for use with young people aged 9-16, this practical guide is ideal for coaches, teachers, counsellors and youth workers wanting to put coaching into practice with young people, and is also suitable for parents to use at home with their child.


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Press reviews for: Life Coaching for Kids

Carolyn Mumby, coach-therapist

BACP Children & Young People

Giant provides helpful case illustrations of working with children... The worksheets,, are indeed clear and well drawn and have been created with a view to reproduction... Some of the tools could also be used by teachers in PSHE lessons, at home by parents or carers.

Denise Yusuf, freelance coach

Coaching Today

This book describes working as a life coach with children and young people in different settings. The author explains concepts and strategies... what life coaching is, why it can be used with children and young people, its practice and its application in school an home settings... The author's descriptions of multiple possible levels of coaching in the school settings, composed of whole-school, curriculum- and pastoral-based programmes... The Activities and Worksheets section has a range of themed activities and resources that will appeal to different practitioners. New coaches will find a wealth of advice, support, tips and resource material... This is an interesting and useful book that I hope will stimulate more thinking and debate about what life coaching is and will prove a valuable resource to anyone who works with children and young people.

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