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Love, Partnership, or Singleton on the Autism Spectrum

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In an immensely varied and thoughtful collection of true life reflections on love, marriage and the single life, 26 authors with autism share their experiences and knowledge about successful (and unsuccessful) relationships. Digging deep into the many and varying ways in which autism affects feelings and relationships with others, these honest and intelligent testimonies give the insider's perspective on love on the spectrum. Whether you're a serial dater, hopelessly romantic or happily single, these perceptive and often funny explorations shows how to make good choices, surmount bad ones, and live a good life.
  • Published: Jan 19 2017
  • Pages: 272
  • 218 x 164mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922060
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Press Reviews

  • Sarah Hendrickx, autistic adult, Autism Specialist and author

    A brilliant collection of essays from autistic writers giving us personal insights into thoughts on relationship preferences and also valuable guidance for autistic people and those who love them. Demonstrating that autistic people often want to share their lives with others in a wide variety of set-ups, this book finally puts to bed the age-old myth of autistic people as isolated loners. The wonderful diversity of the autism population when it comes to choosing how to live and who with shines through.
  • Dean Beadle, International autistic speaker and lecturer

    Love, Partnership and Singleton on the Autism Spectrum highlights the various joys, intricacies and challenges experienced by many on the spectrum in relationships. Featuring the experiences and views of those in relationships, some seeking partnership and individuals who choose to remain single, it asserts the right of autistic people to define our own contentment. Uplifting, thought-provoking and in places challenging, this book will undoubtedly lead to a general re-evaluation of long-held perceptions of relationships and what makes them work.
  • Tony Attwood, Minds and Hearts Clinic, Brisbane

    The desire to achieve a lasting and mutually fulfilling relationship can be very strong in someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, there may be significant challenges in finding a partner and maintaining the relationship. While we have considerable literature on the perspective of the partner who does not have an ASD, we have remarkably little on the perspective, experiences and achievements of the partner with an ASD. The wisdom and advice in this insightful book will be invaluable for both partners and contribute greatly towards an understanding of relationships from the ASD perspective.
  • E. Veronica (Vicky) Bliss, Clinical Psychologist

    When giving adults a diagnosis of autism, one of the first and ongoing issues for them involves initiating and maintaining social relationships. I could not convey the levels of diversity or the various creative means of managing social relationships until this book was written. Thankfully I now have this excellent and engaging resource to offer the autistic people I meet. I am confident this positive take on relationships will become a well-thumbed addition to my library!