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Making Friends at Work

Learning to Make Positive Choices in Social Situations for People with Autism
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Making new friends at work can be tricky - it's tough to predict how people will react to certain situations. This 'choose your own response' book can show you how these situations could potentially play out. Some endings are positive and some less so, and the book includes explanations about why particular outcomes may have occurred, so you can learn to avoid those situations. The best part is you can go back and see how a different choice can change the outcome of the story!
  • Published: Dec 14 2017
  • Pages: 64
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923753
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Press Reviews

  • Robyn Steward, author of The Independent Woman's Handbook for Super Safe Living on the Autistic Spectrum.

    I love this book. It is such a helpful, practical teaching tool at just the right length!
  • Paul Jordan, author of How to start, carry on and end conversations

    Innovative and appealing, the 'choose your own adventure' style gives the reader a good idea of what to expect when trying to befriend colleagues in the workplace.
  • Paddy-Joe Moran author of Communicating Better with People on the Autism Spectrum: 35 Things You Need to Know

    Planning can be key for autistic people, and this book allows you to plan for potentially difficult situations without falling in to the trap of overthinking.