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Meet the Dyslexia Club!

The Amazing Talents, Skills and Everyday Life of Children with Dyslexia
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If you're dyslexic, you might struggle with reading and spelling, writing neatly, or staying focused when people give you lots of instructions. This book shows how you can help yourself and how adults can help you.
You will meet a group of dyslexic children who talk about their lives, what their schooldays are like and what they are great at.
You might recognise some of their strengths as things that you can do too! Some dyslexic children are fantastic at storytelling, some are great at helping other people, some love all sorts of art and design, some are problem-solvers, and some are brilliant at spotting patterns in groups of numbers.
This book also provides guidance for parents and teachers, with advice on how they can support children with suspected or diagnosed dyslexia, and signposts further resources and bonus content.
  • Published: Sep 19 2024
  • Pages: 64
  • ISBN: 9781839978432
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Press Reviews

  • Kathy Hoopman

    I smiled all the way through reading this book. It offers so much joy as it embraces the uniqueness and skills of dyslexic people whilst giving helpful and realistic ideas to support their challenges. It's a little book overflowing with wisdom and hope.