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Music Therapy in Children and Young People's Palliative Care

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This book brings together music therapists who have worked in the challenging and rewarding world of children's palliative care. Examining techniques from working just with the breath, to technological advances in music therapy such as assistive recording and electronic downloading, it highlights the benefits music therapy can bring when working alongside children and young people.

Drawing on the knowledge of expert music therapists, the book provides accessible guidance that practitioners can apply to their own work, including on professional development as part of a multi-disciplinary team, service evaluation, and managing publicity in the hospice setting. It addresses work with different client groups, such as teenagers, and discusses therapy with family members, including siblings.

Music therapists and healthcare practitioners will be provided with the tools to reflect on their own professional challenges and deepen their understanding of the important role of music therapy in this sector.
  • Published: Aug 21 2019
  • Pages: 184
  • 226 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923852
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Press Reviews

  • Beverley Barclay MBE, Clinical Lead for ellenor's Children Hospice at Home service

    Music Therapy in Children's Palliative Care illustrates very strongly how music therapists use the strength of music to support children and families who are experiencing challenging and life changing circumstances. This book demonstrates how well music therapists offer the opportunity to create lasting memories when a child is dying. Both the child and the family are having to come to terms with loss. This book portrays the complexity of anticipatory grief and discusses offering a safe place to fully face and feel the pain and helplessness of bereavement. Music therapy allows children and families to express their feelings without words. I strongly believe the benefits from music therapy are unlimited creating a bond between child and family. This is only achieved by the amazing flexibility demonstrated by the music therapists in this book. I learnt a great deal when reading this book.
  • Maxine Peake

    As Patron of Jessie's Fund, I am so pleased to see this second book on music therapy and children's palliative care following in the footsteps of 'Jessie's Fund In Action'. It's heart-warming to know that this fantastic work carries on in the UK and that it continues to develop to meet the growing needs of a very complex client group. The dedicated music therapist contributors clearly love working in hospice and palliative care, and are a real inspiration - just like the children they work with.