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Music Therapy Social Skills Assessment and Documentation Manual (MTSSA)

Clinical guidelines for group work with children and adolescents
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Music Therapy Social Skills Assessment and Documentation Manual (MTSSA) is a comprehensive handbook for assessing and documenting social skill development in group music therapy for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. It assists therapists in:

- communicating with teachers and administrators to develop a collaborative treatment approach
- identifying baseline social abilities for individual music therapy clients
- developing treatment goals targeting social skill development in music therapy
- tracking data toward individualized objectives while monitoring correlation between affect and engagement of each client
- reporting progress to classroom teachers and guardians.

The MTSSA can also be adapted for use outside of the classroom setting and can be implemented with clients of various ages, including adults. With additional online material including data collection and reporting tools, as well as songs composed to facilitate social interaction, this resource will be of immeasurable value to music therapists and students of music therapy.
  • Published: Jun 21 2014
  • Pages: 200
  • 278 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781787758810
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