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My Autism Journal

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Write in me, draw in me, but most importantly express yourself: My Autism Journal is the first tailored journal just for you! Fully illustrated and packed with prompts and activities, this journal is the perfect companion to help you process and communicate your thoughts and emotions.

Featuring uplifting quotes and real-life advice from a range of autistic people, this journal will be your go-to diary to help you explore who you are, how life is treating you and share your experiences with those you trust.

This is a concept created by autistic advocate Carly Jones, but with the content written by you!
  • Published: Nov 21 2023
  • Pages: 176
  • 230 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974342
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Press Reviews

  • Charli Clement, autistic advocate & author of “All Tangled Up in Autism & Chronic Illness”

    My Autism Journal would have been extremely useful for me and my family when I was younger and trying to understand myself early into my own autistic journey. This is going to be a hugely important resource to so many autistic people with key advice and spaces for reflection.
  • Dr Mairi Evans - Systemic Psychotherapist, Clinical Director and Neurodiveristy Lead

    Carly's, My Autism Journal, is aimed at helping autistic teenagers navigate some of the social and emotional challenges they may experience as they journey through life. It encourages positive thinking, acceptance of difference and is packed with inspirational quotes, supportive comments and tips for daily living from autistic people. This includes reflections from Carly about what would have helped her when she was younger and 'pre-diagnosis' including a better understanding about things such as 'what is meant by a pyjama party' and when someone says 'next Wednesday' which next Wednesday do they really mean! Carly also encourages autistic young people to consider their challenges, emotions, and achievements on a daily and weekly basis in a way that will help them feel less alone, less different, and more exceptional. Whilst it is aimed at autistic teenagers I think that people of any age would benefit from the journal, Autistic, neurodivergent or neurotypical.