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My Grief Handbook

Why Grief Hurts and How to Cope
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Grief can be complicated and painful. Our memories, relationships, good times and worries are unique, and these all affect how we experience a loss. No two people will experience grief in the same way because all of our relationships are specific to us.

But there are frameworks for understanding our reactions when someone dies. Lots of people have found it helpful to understand these frameworks, as knowing what's going on with grief can help us find ways to cope with the loss, let go of some of the pain, and find ways to still have a good future.

Based on years of research, this book includes some first-hand experiences from people who have been through grief, to show how the ideas could work in real life. However, this is not another person's story. It is a guide to understanding your own.

By getting to know how we are processing grief, we can start getting on with it - working alongside it and moving forward.
  • Published: Oct 19 2023
  • Pages: 176
  • 212 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781839970696
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Press Reviews

  • Ann Chalmers, Chief Executive of Child Bereavement UK

    Practical, accessible and non-prescriptive, this book will be an invaluable guide in validating young people's individual experiences of grief, encouraging and empowering them to consider a range of ways to manage their emotions and challenges and rebuild their lives after bereavement.
  • Dr Shelley Gilbert, MBE. Consultant Clinical Psychotherapist, author of Grief Book, and founder of Grief Encounter.

    Extremely well written, well-informed, refreshing and accessible. My Grief Handbook is user-friendly and full of informed ideas to help a bereaved young person understand and process their journey of grief. A very welcome addition to my toolkit of grief support.
  • Maura Keating, National Coordinator, Irish Childhood Bereavement Network

    This new resource is a fantastic addition to support bereaved children and young people, it draws valuable lessons from years of expertise working with grief and loss. The vast knowledge of the authors is strongly supported by the lived experience of bereaved young people especially the young person co-author case studies throughout the handbook. It explains the complexity and challenges of grief in an easy and accessible manner and provides an extensive range of tools and tips to cope when overwhelmed including so many coping strategies to try out.There is a great section on coping with returning to school after a death which is as helpful for young people as it is for teachers to understand how best to support these hard transitions. Overall, the handbook offers invaluable support for bereaved children and young people as well as the adults in their lives to understand how best to offer support.
  • Andy Langford, Clinical Director, Cruse Bereavement Support

    Extremely accessible and quite a pleasure to read
  • Amy McKay, Love Reading 4 Kids

    Truthfully, this is a book nobody wants to have to read, borrow or buy, but in the hardest of times it will be a valuable guide for young people who have experienced the death of a loved one. This is a book I wish I'd had as a teen, and one I will definitely be giving to others in the future.
  • Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Keynote Speaker, Author & Advisor

    A very practical guide to navigating grief aimed directly at young people full of ideas about how to cope, explanations about why we feel the way we do and the words and kindness of others who've walked the path before us. Perfectly pitched.