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My Unique ADHD World

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"They just don't get it!" I bet you have said that before...

Maybe if you knew more about ADHD, you could help your friends, family and teachers understand too. Everyone has things they are good at and things they find more difficult. ADHD can give you some special strengths - however, it can also make some things more difficult for you. Let's explore what ADHD means for you with fun facts and by hearing all about other ADHD children's experiences too!

You can even write (or doodle) what you already know and what you have learnt about so that you can teach your friends, family and teachers all about you and YOUR UNIQUE ADHD!
  • Published: Jun 21 2023
  • Pages: 32
  • 216 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781839973352
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Samantha Hiew, Director of ADHD Girls.

    My Unique ADHD empowers children with ADHD to understand that the way they think, learn and behave are actually due to their brain differences, with a focus on strengths and explains challenges through a variety of situations in school. This will help children, young people, and even adults understand that ADHD is an explanation, rather than an excuse.
  • Soli Lazarus

    It is really important that we are talking about ADHD and understanding what the condition actually is. This means more people will get it. More people will not be so critical of our gorgeous, funny, imaginative children with ADHD. Jo Steer and Clare Berry in their book 'My Unique ADHD World!' have beautifully illustrated what ADHD means and will help many children understand that their uniqueness should be celebrated and not criticised.
  • Dr Bettina Hohnen, Clinical Psychologist

    When children receive a diagnosis of ADHD, the first question adults have is what and how should I tell them what this means. Look no further than this useful and reassuring book which offers a fresh and positive interpretation of what ADHD looks like in a child's life. Key features of ADHD are translated into child-friendly, real-life examples with the twist of both explaining how it causes kids a problem and the advantages of those same characteristics. The drawings really bring the concepts to life and a before and after reflection page allow each child to work out their unique profile. I will be recommending this book highly.