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Neon the Ninja Activity Book for Children who Struggle with Sleep and Nightmares

A Therapeutic Story with Creative Activities for Children Aged 5-10
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Neon the Ninja has a very special job. He looks after anyone who finds the night time scary. Lots of us have nightmares, but Neon loves nothing more than using his special ninja powers to keep the nightmares and worries far away, and to keep the magical dreams and positive thoughts close by.

It combines a fun illustrated story to show children how Neon the Ninja can reduce their nightmares and night worries with fun activities and therapeutic worksheets to make night times feel safer and more relaxed. This workbook contains a treasure trove of explanations, advice, and practical strategies for parents, carers and professionals. Based on creative, narrative, sensory, and CBT techniques, it is full of tried and tested exercises, tips and techniques to aid and alleviate nightmares and sleeping difficulties. This is a must-have for those working and living with children aged 5-10 who experience nightmares or other sleep-related problems.

This activity book is complemented by a standalone picture book of Neon's story, also available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Neon the Ninja, ISBN 9781839970191).

It is also complemented by a host of bestselling publications and card sets all created by Dr Treisman (search on 'Therapeutic Treasures Collection' to discover them all!).
  • Published: Dec 21 2018
  • 296 x 208mm
  • ISBN: 9781785925504
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Press Reviews

  • Parents in Touch

    It is certainly a book that will be welcomed by any parent or carer who has to deal with the problem of childhood nightmares... It's friendly and reassuring and shows children they are not alone - there's plenty of help to be had and the activities build confidence and conquer fears. Extensive and comprehensive, there's plenty of food for thought.
  • Dr.h.c Jenny Molloy, Author of Hackney Child, Adviser and Trainer - Looked after Children and Care Leavers

    Neon the Ninja captures children's need to feel safe incredibly powerfully. The story itself is colourful, eye catching and kept my granddaughter transfixed. The activities are carefully crafted to be fun whilst capturing the painful anxieties some children face. The book is not complete without experiencing the magical craft section and is an essential resource for all children's practitioners.
  • CairnsMoir Connections, Book of the Month, August 2019

    Parents, carers and professionals would find this book a useful resource in helping with sleep related issues and nightmares... The book, whilst focussed on supporting children to overcome their fears and deal with nightmares, I believe has a broader application in supporting children, whether affected or not by early experiences of trauma, to manage fears and anxiety in general. Both myself and my friend Liz (Sleep Scotland counsellor), were impressed with the depth of the resource and the scope of activities provided. My daughter, Jenna, who always likes to help try out resources, really thought the book was fun and helpful.