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Ollie and the Magic Workshop

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Ollie is back with more adventures using his superpowers, and a chance to earn his second Captain's stripe!

With the help of his superpowers, Ollie is gaining the confidence to stand up to bullies and be himself. When some mean kids start to get him down, Ollie draws upon the superpower of emotional resilience, which serves as a suit of shiny armour against hurtful words. With this superpower, Ollie tries to help his new friend Mollie who lives in foster care learn to love and take care of herself. Can Ollie help Mollie to build her own emotional superpowers? And will he earn his second Captain's stripe in the process?
  • Published: Feb 21 2017
  • Pages: 64
  • 254 x 181mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922411
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Jacqueline Blyth, BSc. (Hons), MSc Health Psychology, ClinPsyD. AFBPS. Clinical Psychologist, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

    When I first sat down to write an endorsement for this book I found some paper arrows stuck to me saying, "You have no idea how to do this, or what to write!" But then I remembered Ollie's and Mollie's superpowers and realised that I have some as well. Ollie and the Magic Workshop is a delightfully inspired and inspiring book, that every child (and adult) should read so that they too can learn how to find their own superpowers, as well as their own suit of armour or fairy cloak to wear, when they are confronted by new challenges in their lives. I especially enjoyed the idea of Ollie going through the black boxes to sort out all the negative thoughts in his head and heart. I'm off now to my Magic Workshop to find my own....
  • Emma Hughes, author of Striker, Slow Down! and Go Yogi!

    Ollie and the Magic Workshop is a great book for helping children to understand meaning behind challenging emotions. Imagining emotions as individual superpowers will help children greet each emotion inquisitively; asking why the emotion is being felt and how best to cope with that emotion.
  • Janet Dowling

    School Library Association
    With increasing awareness of mental health issues, the importance of identifying needs and providing support are increasingly crucial. The author has a vast range of experience of working with early years children, and shares her best practice and knowledge.