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Out of My Shell

Overcoming Social Anxiety from Childhood to Adulthood
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Sep 19, 2024

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Look around you at all the people connecting and socializing. And you are just standing here alone, like a social reject, again. Nobody likes you. Why would they want someone like you around?

For years, social anxiety whispered its way into Natasha Daniels' mind and quietly sabotaged her life. Even while working as a therapist, helping children to cope with their own anxiety, insecurity lurked in the shadows pointing out the stares, the rejection, the vicious comments from online strangers.

In this memoir, Natasha takes on the therapist's role with her past selves to drag her social anxiety into the open. From feisty Miss 6, lonely Miss 14 reeling from a tumultuous childhood, and defiant Miss 18 pushing back against a world where she didn't fit, through to her present self, Natasha explores the way social anxiety colored her experiences and finds healing through self-acceptance.
  • Published: Sep 19 2024
  • Pages: 256
  • 212 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781805011972
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Press Reviews

  • Amanda Petrik-Gardner, LCPC, LPC, LIMHP - @anxietyocdtreatment and Author of The Compulsive Reassurance Seeking Workbook

    Natasha Daniels' memoir Out of My Shell perfectly intertwines her social anxiety journey with psychoeducation and invaluable tools. Full of hope and healing, Out of My Shell is a must-read for individuals with social anxiety, loved ones, and providers wanting to better understand the nuances of this disorder.
  • Josh Spitalnick, Ph.D., ABPP, CEO/Owner of Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, co-author of “The Complete Guide to Overcoming Health Anxiety”

    Out of My Shell is a painful yet beautifully inspirational memoir. A lifetime of quiet torment and suffering, filled with social anxiety and self-doubt, is met with vulnerability, grace, and perseverance. Natasha Daniels is the epitome of bravery and self-compassion, witnessed firsthand with her toughest and most important therapy client of all, her younger self.
  • Rachael Herron, bestselling memoirist

    With truth, kindness, and compassion, Natasha Daniels shares what healing from social anxiety can look like in a real life. In Out of My Shell, her lyrical writing brings the reader close, and her ultimate self-acceptance helps to heal the reader along the way. Don't miss this gorgeous memoir.
  • Kimberley Quinlan, Author of The Self-Compassion Workbook for OCD

    Out of My Shell is a profound and transformative exploration of the journey from social anxiety to self-acceptance. Her vivid storytelling captures the raw emotions associated with growing up feeling different in a way that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.
  • Amanda Stern, author of Little Panic: Dispatches from an Anxious Life

    In this unflinching memoir, Natasha Daniels lays bare her agonizing struggle with crippling social anxiety. Her intimate narrative charts a powerful metamorphosis from a lifetime of inner turmoil to hard-won self-acceptance. Fusing poignant storytelling with invaluable psychological insights, this book inspires courage to shed one's protective shell. An uplifting read for anyone longing to blossom into their most authentic, luminous self.
  • Patricia E. Zurita Ona, Psy.D. Author of Escaping the Emotional Rollercoaster, Acceptance and Commitment Skills for Perfectionism and High-Achieving Behaviors, and Living Beyond OCD

    Natasha Daniels' memoir is a deeply personal, refreshingly honest, and truly authentic story that will inspire every person struggling with fears, worries, and anxieties about social performance to find their path to being loved, seen, and heard. A must read!