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Overcoming Everyday Racism

Building Resilience and Wellbeing in the Face of Discrimination and Microaggressions
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This enlightening and reflective guide studies the psychological impact of racism and discrimination on BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) people and offers steps to improve wellbeing. It includes definitions of race, racism and other commonly used terms, such as microaggressions, and evaluates the effect of definitions used to describe BAME people.

Each chapter of the book focusses on one category of wellbeing - self-acceptance, personal growth, purpose in life, positive relations with others, environmental mastery, autonomy - and includes case examples, spaces for reflection and practical, creative exercises. For use as a tool within counselling and therapeutic settings as well as a self-help tool by individuals, each category provides a framework for thinking about how to manage everyday racism, live with more resilience, and thrive.
  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • 214 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781785928505
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Press Reviews

  • Kwame Opoku, National Black Police Association

    A timely book in the current socio-political climate, adding to the collection of contemporary and academic work encouraging racial literacy. It explores real life and workplace situations many BAME people can identify with. It nurtures self-awareness and strategies to arm against the damaging implicit and explicit experiences of everyday racism.
  • Dr Andrew Reeves, Associate Professor in the Counselling Professions and Mental Health

    While we have made some progress around how we attend to everyday discriminations, we also need timely reminders that there is still much to do. Cousins, in this superb text, offers challenge in a powerful but accessible way; not an easy task. This is a highly recommended work that should be read not only because of its own merit, but because it really makes us think.
  • Professor Karen Holford, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University

    Susan Cousins offers a fresh approach to thinking about racism. For BAME readers it's a vital self realisation approach which offers ways to explore identity and focus on wellbeing in order to thrive despite experiencing racism everyday. It has reached into my heart as a white woman, helped me accept my privilege and recognise my clumsy attempts at understanding. Exquisitely written and simply brilliant.
  • Suzanne Duval BEM, BME Mental Health Manager, Diverse Cymru

    I welcome this powerfully, insightful, thought provoking handbook. Long overdue and timely. From Self-acceptance to Purpose in Life are the fundamental tools we need to remain strong and proud!
  • Hélèna Corcoran, LLM Student, University of Nottingham

    Susan Cousins' 'The Wellbeing Handbook for Overcoming Everyday Racism' is simultaneously both wonderfully relatable and greatly thought-provoking. Cousins' account of the experiences of many people of colour manages to perfectly highlight the issues that are prevalent in our society while retaining an air of lightheartedness. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the read.
  • Vaughan Gething Assembly Member for Cardiff South and Penarth

    This is a timely book revisiting race and identity as we face a time of division and uncertainty. This book should provoke greater discussion and insight into who we are and what kind of country we want to live in.