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Parental Substance Misuse and Child Welfare

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Focusing on the needs of children of substance misusing parents and the dilemmas faced by professionals working with them, this comprehensive book brings together for the first time theoretical and practice issues for all those involved with the crossover between responses to drug and alcohol problems and child welfare.

Describing the effects of substance misuse on `good enough' parenting and attachment (and taking into account theories about substance use), the authors analyse the issues facing children, including the impact on psychological and emotional development.

Emphasising the importance of developing holistic approaches, involving both child care and drug and alcohol agencies as well as families, this book presents a practical model for risk assessment and intervention that balances the 'competing' needs of parents and their children. It is an essential resource for all those working or training to work in the fields of child welfare, substance misuse, health, education and criminal justice.
  • Published: Aug 01 2001
  • Pages: 352
  • 233 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781853027918
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Press Reviews

  • Care and Health Magazine

    This individual study resource should be of interest to staff and managers who deal with child welfare and with the causes and impact of drug and alcohol problems of parents. The material is laid out in three main sections: the dynamics of substance misuse, including the role of parenting, and the effect of misuse on parenting; the effects of parental substance misuse on children, including key issues such as risk and resilience; the obstacles to effective joint working across children's and adult's teams, and the practical ways of overcoming them, including holistic assessments. This is a fairly dense text, which provides the reader with much authoritative information. But it also includes a useful amount of practical advice.