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Parents, Early Years and Learning

Parents as partners in the Early Years Foundation Stage - Principles into practice
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Getting parents involved in the learning of their young children in early years settings is critical: children learn from everything they experience, wherever they are and whoever they are with. The greater the continuity between home and setting, and the richer the learning environment in both, the more children will benefit.

This full-colour book provides accessible guidance for practitioners, explaining why parents need to be involved, what can prevent parental involvement, how to build respectful relationships, and how to ensure that involvement is a two-way process. It features practice examples for working with children and their families and provides ideas for those embarking upon new projects.
  • Published: Jan 06 2009
  • Pages: 128
  • 250 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9781905818433
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Press Reviews

  • Ally Dunhill, Programme Director, Centre for Educational Studies, University of Hull

    A well written and focused book, which includes the most relevant material relating to working with parents to date. All practice based which is what it should be all about.